During General Franco's time in 1939 to 1975 Freemasonry did not exist in Spain. There were however, some Spanish speaking lodges in France, near to the frontier, and these constituted a separate province under the National Grand Lodge of France (Grande Loge Nationale Française) which is recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Freemasonry was revived in Spain after much hard work by Brother Louis Salat and in 1981 the Spanish Grand Lodge was re-consecrated and Brother Loius Salat installed as Grand Master by the Most Worshipful Brother Jean Mons, the Grand Master of the G.L.N.F. Spanish Freemasonry was immediately recognized by France.

On the 10th of July 1982 Ramon Llull Lodge No. 9 was consecrated in Palma de Mallorca under a German Master.

In September 1985 three members of an English-speaking Lodge in France were invited to attend a meeting of this Lodge which was held in the Spanish language.

Between 1982 and 1985 three British Masons were contacting Freemasons on islands unknown to each other and eventually these three met and a letter was sent to all their Masonic friend asking if they were interested in having an English speaking Lodge in Majorca.

On the 12th May 1986 a letter was sent to the United Grand Lodge of England on behalf of 30 English speaking Masons asking what the situation was with regard to their recognition of the Grand Lodge of Spain. Their reply, dated 16th June was “If and when the Grand Lodge of Spain is recognized by us, the decision will be printed in the report of the proceedings of the appropriate meeting of the grand Lodge".

On the 27th of May a letter was sent stating that the 30 English speaking Masons living here would like there own English-speaking Lodge.

Several informal meetings had been held by the English speaking Masons which had increased to 40 and approximately half this number decided that they had missed Freemasonry so much that they were prepared to participate in forming an English-speaking Lodge under the Spanish constitution.

At an extra ordinary meeting of Ramon Llull Lodge No. 9 the M. W. Grand Master of Spain asked W. Bro. Major Wexham if he would be willing to be nominated master elect with permission to work in English.

Arrangements were made for Lodge of instruction meetings to be held Ritchie's nightspot at Son Caliu, Palma Nova commencing on the 30th of July 1986.

The Installation meeting was held on the 19th of September at the Hotel Palace Atanea. The meeting commenced in Spanish and continued in English after the ceremony of installation.

September 9th, 1987 Report of the Board of General Purposes United Grand Lodge of England Quarterly Communications. EXTRACT

“The Grand Lodge of Spain was formed by the Grand Lodge National of France in 1982 from lodges which have been consecrated by the Grand Lodge of France in the preceding five years. The board has had the possible recognition of the grand Lodge of Spain under constant review. Following much correspondence on the subject and a report by Rt W. Bro. M. J. Massias, District Grand Master for Gibraltar, the board now feels that so far as can be reasonably forecast the Grand Lodge of Spain will continue to maintain a regular path. The board therefore recommends that it be recognized and a resolution to this effect appears at item 4 (1).

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